Dan & Bonnie

Oct 27 2018 • Raleigh, NC

-53 days until the party!

Our Story

You're probably wondering how we got here.

It all started back in 2014. Dan went to a housewarming party for friends who had just moved into the neighborhood. He forgot his housewarming gift, but had brought a six-pack of beer that had a cool, steampunk branding to it. Bonnie was at the same party, and as many of you know, she likes beer, so of course she noticed the design and the cute guy who brought it.

They sat and talked for nearly 3 hours until Bonnie had to leave because the next day was her birthday and she had to go to work. After insisting that he should and really didn’t mind, Dan walked with Bonnie to her car (but let’s be quite clear: she was perfectly fine walking alone), where they stood and talked for nearly 4 more hours about comics, video games, and life. At midnight, he said, “Oh hey, it’s midnight!” and was the first person to wish her a happy birthday.

They were dating other people at that point in time, but the bonds of friendship had been established. They did super mundane things together like shopping at Costco, cooking veggie stir-fry dishes, and Bonnie tried her best to get him hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (because it’s the best show ever, obviously). They didn’t hang out for some time after this, but kept in touch.

In the summer of 2015 and after those relationships ended, Dan asked Bonnie out on a date. Up until then, she really had no idea that he liked her, so she didn’t even know it was a date. She didn’t wear makeup and wore Batman yoga pants. He brought her a nice bottle of wine (smart man) and won her over.

They started dating, but mostly kept it to themselves. Two weeks into seeing each other, Dan told Bonnie he had to move to Raleigh for work, and she figured that meant they were over right after they had begun. But they agreed that they should see where it goes and to give it a fair shot. After making their relationship “Facebook Official” later that fall, many of their mutual friends were happy that they finally got together. Most of those friends had been aware that Dan liked Bonnie, and poked good fun at Bonnie for not knowing the whole time.

In November of 2015, Dan moved from Los Angeles, California to Raleigh, North Carolina. Bonnie was sure that the relationship would end because neither one of them wanted to do long distance, but they didn’t want to give up what they had with each other. After a lot of time deliberating and 2700 miles between them, Bonnie left California and became a North Carolina resident in January of 2016.

In August 2016, Dan proposed to Bonnie on the beaches at Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Surrounded by family members and a few friends, it was a wonderful day. As an aside, Dan did get incredibly sunburnt and went to sleep at 9pm that night. Everyone else partied that evening, but Dan was not excluded from the festivities.

They then began making plans for the big day and booked their venue and wedding date. In April of 2017, they liked living together so much that they purchased their first home in the North Raleigh area.

Finally, here we are in 2018. In just -53 days, the wedding will occur, and Bonnie and Dan will be married!